A registration is valid only by:

  • Completing, signing & sending the Registration Form
  • Making the down payment of 30%
  • Receipt confirmation of the down payment from our Reservations Department.

Payment in full is strictly required twenty one (21) day before the beginning of each term. The down payment or payment in full submitted to «Elatos Ependitiki EPE” signifies that the depositor is fully informed and accepts the General Terms of Participation.

Please note that upon full payment or at the latest by drop off day, we need to receive the following documents/forms:

  1. Medical Certificate by a Pediatrician that certifies that the child can participate in the Program
  2. Medical Certificate by a Dermatologist that certifies that the child has no skin conditions that affects his/her participation in swimming activities.
  3. Medical History («Medical History» form) completed by the parent/guardian in collaboration with the pediatrician concerning health issues (e.g. allergies etc). Parents/guardians are required to report any chronic health issues. The children with such issues are accepted to the Program following our Doctor’s & Program Director’s approval.
  4. Copy of Child’s Medical Record Booklet
  5. If parents are divorced it is mandatory that both sign the Registration Form. Alternatively, the parent that signs needs to submit a copy of the Court’s Custody Ruling.
  6. If parents are separated, but not yet divorced, it is mandatory that the Registration Form be signed by both.

Please note that failure to submit any of the above documents deprives the child from the right to participate.