Is responsible of executing smoothly the Program and is also the “spirit” of our Camp. He is responsible for imparting his knowledge and love of nature. He is also characterized by devotion to children and respect for the Counselors.


He or she is responsible for the smooth functioning of social activities and interpersonal relationships among the campers, both within their groups and in the camp population as a whole.


Our doctor is responsible for the wellbeing of all children. He or she is lodged on the premises of the Hotel and takes care of children in case of accident, illness or fatigue. One of the Chalets is transformed into a “Infirmary” to offer first aid treatment.

The Doctor in an emergency, and provided there is no need for an ambulance, wiil make the transfer of any child to the nearest Hospital or to a Health Center.

Our Doctor is the only authorized person to administrate any medicine to children.


They are in charge of their Chalet that houses 6-9 children. They are also responsible for the children’s needs from the time they wake up until bedtime. They direct, guide, help, inspire & protect their team. They have a friendly relationship with the children, but at the same time are strict when needed. They know each child’s idiosyncrasies, character as well as their food preferences, musical likes and interests.


Our Activities Specialists are experts in their field of interest. They create and execute the activity they are in charge of.


The lifeguard is certified and is always present in the pool area when in use and during sports activities.


The Hotel staff and our General Manager are responsible for encouraging a joyful atmosphere and the respectful behavior of both children and Program staff.